WDGC Annual Meeting Recorded on Zoom

Greetings Members of the Whatcom Disc Golf Club!
The 2021 WDGC annual meeting is up and live on whatcomdiscgolfclub.com, and is also available to watch on YouTube at https://youtu.be/sJbo0pvZBns. Please check out the news and updates from the board, vote for new board members for 2021, and check out our website! Videos of the four candidates are at the end of the meeting video.
This year we have 4 open board positions and 4 awesome guys – Scot , Mikkel , Greg, and MikeD – who are willing to step up and help lead the growth of disc golf in Whatcom County. Only WDGC members that have paid their 2021 dues are eligible to vote, and you can renew your membership at https://whatcomdiscgolfclub.com/membership-2/ if needed. Just reply to this email with your 4 choices to fill the 4 seats, it’s that easy, they are all winners, and WDGC can’t lose! 
Ryan, Daniel, Adam, Bill, Dennis and Logan

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