Cornwall Park Improvement Project

Bham Parks and Rec has given the go ahead for a number of improvements to our beloved Cornwall Park Disc Golf Course.  We are raising money to buy anchors for new pin placements, pavers for an alternate tee, skookum black mesh to protect trees (a big priority for the Parks Dept.), signs, and other materials.  This will be the biggest upgrade Cornwall has seen since it’s original installation and the basket replacements.  At this point we are not adding any holes, although we have not given up on that goal.  In fact, the city seems to be open to finding more land to install another course, which Bellingham desperately needs.  
For more information on this current project (including a list of changes to each hole) and to donate, check out the GoFundMe here:

We are asking that you chip in whatever you can for Cornwall. Got $5 in PayPal? That would be most appreciated!  Got more to give? Awesome! Everything helps!
Thanks for supporting disc golf in Whatcom County!

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