June 2022 Whatcom World of Disc Golf

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This newsletter covers important information about Mossy Roc parking and how that all works. We also talk about updates to Vanderyacht disc golf in Ferndale, improvements at Cornwall Park, Battle by the Border and Doubles by the Border tournaments at Lincoln Park in Blaine, exciting updates about Lake Padden disc golf, membership news, and we introduce one of our new board members, Jake Mallahan who runs Sunday 10AM doubles at Cornwall.

What else? Bellingham Tech College has put in a mini course! Frost Creek is having a tournament, and Lincoln Park in Blaine now has Ladies Night Doubles at 5pm on Mondays.

Josh Morris is one of Bellingham’s top disc golfers. He regularly wins tournaments, throws lines no one else even thinks about, and is as close as we get to having our own Simon Lizotte. Check out the newsletter for his member of the month bio and learn just what it is he loves about the Condor.

Call for land: We need an 18 hole course in Bellingham. Period. If you have the 20 acres of land and want it used in a way that keeps it clean with low impact while people are having a ton of fun click here for more info.

New stickers!

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